Justin Bieber Haircut: New!
Justin Bieber rocks a new haircut during this appearance on The Tonight Show. Are you down with the spiked look?

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hello... fans again i 4 got 2 menchen that if your 1 of my fans then right an telll me why thanks fans 4 all the suport luv;)


hello..... again in amaya aka am@ya aka amy hernadiazer well i want u 2 put in a cvode $*@ if u like justins new hair cutee well i do if u dont put the code in347 well well .... com sillsen 2 the lates news avbout justin and be 1 of mine and justins fans luv u all my fans thanks 4 the suport 4 being my fan;)


i like justin

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Paul Drinkwater/NBC
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