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Josh Bowman is Amy Winehouse's new man. Are they dating or just having a good time? We have no clue, but he's pretty hot.

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Amy in St. Lucia

Amy Winehouse in a bikini during her 71-day stint in St. Lucia. That's one hell of a long vacation, but hey, it's not like she's got anything else to do.

A Relaxing Walk on the Beach

Or so it would appear. For Amy Winehouse, it can never be that relaxing. There must be toxins pulsating through her veins at all times.

She's on a Boat!

Amy Winehouse takes a boat ride with some pals in St. Lucia. Her "vacation" so far has so far lasted all of '09!

A Happy Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse smiles in St. Lucia, enjoying her "vacation" which so far has encompassed all of 2009 with no end in sight.

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Amy Winehouse in St. Lucia
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i have been trying to get in contact with a ''joshua bowman'' for few years, searching facebook etc, googled it today to find this! I knew him as a child when he used visit ireland with his sister scarlett an his mum, its amazing!


Yeah That's Right Punk, I'm Josh Bowman. Fuck You Josh Bowman Imposters. I'm Josh Bowman. You Pussies Dating That Rehab Bitch Need To Fuck Off Cuz I'll Down Your Ass. Tell Us Your Real Name "Josh Bowman" Cuz I Am Not Amused.


Yeah he's for real. This Josh Bowman Dick Is A Phuckin Phag.


Yo I'm not even kidding, I'm chilling with my friend Josh Bowman right now. He's 17 he's not an actor and is an alcaholic. This "Josh Bowman" is a fake. Fuck You Josh Bowman Imposters, The Real Josh is here


Music Video 04.12.2008 Chokolate were casting directors on Sophie Hiller's new music video. Directed By Rod Butcher, the new single 'Forget you' co stars Josh Bowman as her assistant. The beautifully shot video was filmed at KoKo in Camden.


Josh Bowman recently starred with Sophie Hiller in the video "Forget you"