Jose Baez Photo
A photo of Jose Baez, lawyer for Casey Anthony. He's reportedly shopping an interview with Casey.


Casey Anthony got away with murder! I was shocked about the verdict, who were those jurors? If not reporting your child missing until 31 days later isn't a sign of GUILT, I don't know what is! Obviously, any normal, decent human being would report their child missing IMMEDIATELY, especially a 2-year old! How convenient of Casey not to report it, this way there is no evidence after all that time. She is some coniving, sick liar, I hope she will be looking over her shoulder forever, that poor little girl Caylee didn't have a chance being born to an animal like that. Casey's parents know their daughter is guilty, they know she a liar. In jailhouse videos, it's obvious they treat her with kit gloves, they know she has a mental problem. I cannot get over all the phony stories Casey's lawyer Baez came up with-DROWNING IN POOL! what a joke! If anybody's child has an accidental drowning, you would report it, or would you rather go to trial for Murder, that really makes sense!


He is a worm just like she is and if he can't sell her he will get rid of her and hopefully she will be on her own and the rest will be history. Nobody wants to interview a baby killer because all they do is lie lie and that is exactly how she got out of prison by lying and he is one as well so why would anyone in their right mind want to liars on their stage doesn't make sense to me or anyone else.

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