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Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman kiss in Pennsylvania. We hope the eight kids get to know and love their new mommy like we are.

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Sad to watch a father of EIGHT KIDS act like a TEENAGER. He should think about his kids first.


Make you wonder, Jon...what will you do, when your kids starting dating someone young enough to be their older sister. How do you think, they will think when they see pictures of their dad kissing another woman while daddy is still married to mommie!!
Kate, may have been bossy, but never inappropriate like their dad with another person other than their other parent!!!
It's like he throwing it in her face!! Proud of you Kate!! Keep your head up! and Keep taking the high road! Let Jon and his many (it seems) many girlfriends be his playthings.


I for one am glad Jon finally "set the record straight", or at least in HIS mind he did. Come on people we all saw how Kate treated him. Right or wrong they were both in that marriage together and it takes 2 to make things work or not work. They were both wrong, Kate the way she talk and Jon for not manning up sooner. The sad fact is that these kids have to live with this. Enough is enough who cares I wish the show would be cancel, let Jon go his way and Kate hers and let these people see how life really is. I don't know about the rest of you but I have enough in my own life to keep me busy, and don't need to watch any of these shows..let's get a life people, and try to make a difference, with REALITY not TV REALITY !!!!!

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