Jon Gosselin Engaged?
Are Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman engaged? No way in hell. But when has fact come between In Touch Weekly and a hot gossipy story?

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Im with Ipatras. I thought it was all Kates fault in the beginning, but now I realize she was just being a good mother. She has 8 freakin kids and Jon rarely lifted a finger. Let him go ogg with Hailey, but don't let her near the kids!
I hope they get married and move to Panama, and never come back.


At first I was blaming Kate but now I know why she was always getting after him on the show, he's a freaking child! I feel so bad for Kate and the kido's. He is a deuche bag! If I ever saw this man I would bust his knee cap! What a jerk. He needs to think of his children for God sake!


i agree with kate why get that hoe near the kids


I hope Kate kids control of the money and custody of the kids. If its left up to him he will spend all of the kids money on that SKANK!!!! What a loser.. I guess the are made for each other.. Twedle Dee and Twedle Dumb... Only thing is there both DUMB!!!


Jon must have tied a 2 x 4 to his ass, otherwise he would have fell in. Wow, he has turned out to be such a dissapointment. I will never buy anything from a clothes line that he or she (the party ho) have anything to do with. I hope he goes broke!

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