Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross
Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross look happy here for some reason. Well, we can understand why Jon is happy. Ellen not so much.

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It is sad that Ellen Ross who do a photo opp with the kids. She is just trying to hurt Kate. How could she use the kids as a weapon against Kate? She dosn't even know her. ELLEN ROSS should be ashamed of herself to use those little kids like that. SHAME ON YOU ELLEN ROSS you aren't a nice person.


Someone on another site said that Ellen Ross was a nice girl but unless she is extremely dumb there is nothing nice about Ellen. She let Jon pull her into this mess that Jon continues to keep going and before it is over with she will be torn to shreds by the public. The bloggers on Radaronline have already called her all kinds of names and are going to pick her to pieces. Ellen should have been cautious about dating Jon.Jon is a trouble maker and a COWARD who can never do anything by himself.

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