Jon Gets Pumped
Jon Gosselin pumps gas. Exciting, we know. We'd love to say he went on and pumped Hailey Glassman later that night, but we can't attest to that for sure.

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Who does this guy think he is? All he does is talk about how Kate used to be so mean to him and that she was verbally abusive. Did he stop to think that maybe she didn't have 8 children, but 9? Jon is an idiot!
I love that he is saying Kate is just doing all of this for the money. Jon seems to be finding his financial windfall pretty exciting himself; afterall how else would he be able to afford to be jetsetting all over and buying new cars etc. Meanwhile, where has Kate been? At home with her 8 beautiful babies.
Jon, grow up and start acting your age. Look in the mirror and see who part of the problem was takes two to make a marriage and two to break it. You are no great catch!!


Jon is about equal to a 15-16 yr old in mentality shich explains why he is dating college co-eds who never even graduated or got a job. Compared to him-this hoe is an older wiser woman!! What a joks! I feel SO bad for his (almost) ex-wife and hid kids. I think Hailley is convincing him to speak out about his hate for Kate and act like a total jerk.


u both r so disgusting

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