Jon and Kate 2.0
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What is the real story of Jon Gosselin and Kate Major (not Kate Gosselin)? We're not sure, but it probably involves Ed Hardy t-shirts, Bluetooths and contradictory statements. What a tool.

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Jon and Kate Gosselin on Camera

Jon and Kate Gosselin spent years opening up about their problems in front of the camera. Hmmm... how did that go for them?

Liz Jannetta, Jon Gosselin

Liz Jannetta is dating Jon Gosselin. They don't seem too happy with each other but whatever.

Liz Jannetta Photo

Liz Jannetta and Jon Gosselin on VH1's Couples Therapy. Really a stable couple.

Jon Gosselin and Wendy Williams

Jon Gosselin talks to Wendy Williams in this photo. We're not sure who we dislike more.

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I am sry he is SUCH a MORON. No wonder Kate got sick of his BUTT he acts like a child going around like a lost puppy looking for a disease. He has 8 kids for goodness sakes does he not THINK of what they will think when they get older and see all this crap.. I would not even claim him as my dad...