John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Photo
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Supposedly. You have to love this graininess ... and the National Enquirer's refusal to let go of this John Edwards-Rielle Hunter scandal.

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He was pretty good at it. Well, until he wasn't obviously.

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Cate Edwards leaves her father's trial with former Sen. John Edwards. She's been my his side throughout, as painful as it's been.

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He should have had this story break during the primaries as the democrats would have voted for him in a land slide. Worked for Clinton.


John Edwards is a living example as to why humanity found it necessary to invent gunpowder. I never believed the populist BS he was hosing down the public with nor did I trust him as an individual. Just feel good "elect me" rhetoric coming from a typical lying, bottom-feeding politician with a self-serving agenda. But to do what he did to his wife during the darkest hours of her life is totally incomprehensible and rotten to the core. I guess that is his way of showing his appreciation for all that she has done for him throughout their marriage. What a worthless POS; so far as I am concerned, his political career is finished.


Sad state of "affairs" Such a disappointment~ It really is a shame that the both parties had thought of more of others than just of themselves. What a triple whammy for Elizabeth ~ your husband is having an affair - your husband fathers a child with another woman - oh and you are fighting for your life head on with cancer. Good Grief!
I supported Edwards in his run for the White House ~ wow was I ever fooled.


Too bad......I thought John would have had
better taste. Elizabeth is FAR better looking
than this chick. She's buttf***ugleeeeeee!