Jodi Arias Mug Shot
Jodi Arias stands accused of murdering Travis Alexander. This is the alleged killer's mug shot.

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i hope u get to read this or sumone reads to u tells u wat god wants to ssy thru me God is the only way she can recieve help he will forgive u if u just open ur heart let him in im talkn to u jodie..if u serve life or death u will still be in a small room waitn for watever .
But u won't be alone if u open ur heart to god let him in let god wash u clean jodie he will forgive u .. after u recieve god as ur savior by prayn and really meaning it from ur heart get up and talk in court tell the truth humble ur heart girl open up and ask for for givness rather anyone cares or not u will be free in gods eyes then wherever life takes u after that u will have god with u to lead ur way ..
Nothing can help u none can but god our savior our deliverier our master our judge ...god bless u jodie if there's no love of ppl then there's no god in their hearts if god can forgive u and I then ppl that love god or say their christians then they will slso forgive ..we know that travis cannot be brought bk and his family is sad hurt miss him but if they hold on to god then oneday they will see him in heaven ..u get on ur knees and ask god in ur heart ur life and u let him lead the way along with ur mother let her testifie for u she's the next best thing to god our I had to do this god wanted me to

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