Jersey Shore Couple
Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola got together on Jersey Shore and are frequently breaking up, but always seem to make up after times get tough.

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i don't mean what i said . it was a joke i think ronnie should be with sammi. i love them they a re a pefrect reltionship


I think Ronnie and Sammi should be stay together forever. Sammi should only date Ronnie when he is not a dumb***/ jerk. I don't understand how Ronnie sends Sammi home crying and Then he comes home from the bar and he sleep in bed with Sammi and they don't remember what the where fighting about. But at the end of the day Ronnie and Sammi will both love each other. Even tought they are not together any more.
The end for Ronnie and Sammi
They are not ever going to be together any more never ever ever
**** *** ****** !!

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