Jersey Shore Charm School
The Jersey Shore girls get learned by some high fashion learners. You can't take a fish out of water like this!

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ok im from jersey and the thing is that all the shows about jersey are completely off in showing ya know the "dirty" side of it... IT MAKES FOR GOOD TV!!! obviously it makes jersey look like the armpit of the earth but really i liv in a small town with CEO'S of large companies living on a mountain good school districts and everything. don't hate on jersey unless you've been there seen it actually been down to the jersey shore (seaside is a dump but great to go wiht friends or on the boardwalk) and just shut up already cuz u dont know what you're talking about


They look like Trash for Table 3, stat!! How utterly nasty, the lot of them, ewww! It REALLY says something when they ONLY look good in black and white, and wear Whore Heels to public events. There ARE good looking high heels that are even - dare I say it? - Classy. Lose the hooker look and especially the hooker shoes, get better PR reps, or BEST IDEA YET - stay in Jersey, Puh-lease!!

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Harper's Bazaar
Jersey Shore in Harper's Bazaar
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