Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Picture
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony earlier this year. They seem like a nice couple!

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I also object to the fact that they had her face on the PEOPLE's magazine ( I think) lately..saying that she is the most beautiful woman "on Earth"! and this alone (to me...) is a LIE from the PITS OF HELL! Not only she is not all that beautiful, she is just attractive and she takes care of herself,but as far as being NUMBER 1 , this will never ever be! To me it is a GREAT INSULT to all of us beautiful women ON THE EARTH and also to so many beautiful Movie Stars...SO PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE UP OR PUT ON ANOTHER PAIR OF GLASSES...Sorry Jennifer..I do not dislike you at all..but you are just another humanbeing passing byt on the face of this earth!

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Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant
Jennifer Lopez is divorced from Marc Anthony and the mother of twins. She's also enjoyed a revived music career thanks to her gig as an... More »
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