Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant at 40!
Jennifer Aniston is pregnant at 40 ... in her imagination ... according to OK! Magazine. You gotta love the supermarket tabloids.

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NO! Children do NOT need both parents, most people in this world only had one you have no right to bash someone just because you are jealous of her for being so happy in her life. She is having a baby so what she moved on she has and man and is about to have a baby get over it.
I support you Jen you are amazing!


Good for her. About time she had a little one.


Support jen 100% .. go on gal


Jennifer Anniston should move on stop trying to hurt Brad Pitt who obviously has moved ver much on Girlfriend you should have given your man a baby when he wanted one you are 40 years old children need both parents you think maybe this is why you are so very lost and confused talk to GOD, Brad was your husband you should have held on to him.You are making your self a joke man-man grow up already I use to respct you.

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