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Jenna Talackova is a transgender contestant in Miss Universe Canada. Or she WAS, at least. The model's gender status got her disqualified.

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She is beautiful. Gender is not external characteristics, and not always the way you're born. She may have been born male, but she is a woman through and through. I am the mother of a transgender child.


Mr show me your XX chromosomes.... That's what I thought, can't buy/chop that.
Surgical molding doesn't mean you're beautitful, take off teh mask.
Trump doesn't approve of you he'll do anything for ratings.


Sorry, this person is not a she. He is just a man with his penis removed.


As a gay male I agree with the out come. Rules are rules he was born a male he will always be a male. What makes you male or female is your inner organs not outter we can always change inner but never outter. Sorry dude they did the right thing and I'm glad their standing by it.