Jen Split 'Em Up
According to tabloids, at least. For whatever reason, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just can't catch a break.

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I REALLY disagree with this because it wasn't Jen's fault. I mean, Angelina was the ONE that tore her and Brad apart, right? Anyway, Jen and Brad are better! Angelina is so mean and evil! Her and Brad don't even belong together! She's outta the Picture!:)And, It's Brad's choice, I mean, Angelina can't control him, and id not the boss she thinks she is, and like really. She's done so many other bad things like to children and stuff. I mean C'MON SERIOUSLY?


Nobody can say what they will never do until your face with it love is love it's there life they have to live with each other not us.


I am so sick and tired of hearing about Brad and Jennifer. She would have to be nuts to take him back

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