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Clay Aiken's baby mama, Jaymes Foster, is released from the hospital in North Carolina in August 2008, having given birth to their son, Parker Foster Aiken. How sweet for them!

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whatta gilf


She looks great.


Having seen Jaymes in person a few times I can agree that she easly looks much younger than her birth certificate says. She is quite pretty and youthful looking with a great figure and by this picture I would say she will be in pre pregnancy form really fast.She and Clay are soulmates imo and they and little Parker are an awesome and precious family.Best wishes to them all and to Grandma Faye and the Parker, Foster and Aiken families.


Ashley, age is a state of mind. Wait till you're 50 and see if you feel that number makes you "old". I've met Jaymes face-to-face and would have guessed her at least a decade younger than she is. I'm in my mid-50s and get mistaken for my 30s often. On my son's 15th birthday I was asked if I was old enough to order a drink. And a couple of years ago my son-in-law (Clay's age btw) was asked if I was his wife. Some people are born with "young" genes and age better than others. You can do things to help too, like drinking plenty of water & avoiding suntanning. Real sun or fake is NOT your skin's friend. It dries it up and takes away its elasticity. You might think you look better now, but just wait a few years. Sunglasses cut back on facial wrinkles (and cataracts too.) and SMILES use fewer face muscles than frowns. Glad that Jaymes has so much to smile about these days! Now, if she can still work in a good night's sleep she'll be good to go!


She looks really old to me!! Just think she'll be in her 70's when the child graduates from college!!!


She's cute. Doesn't look 50 at all.

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Foster, Jaymes
Jaymes Foster, also known as Jaymes Foster-Levy, is a music producer and the sister of mogul David Foster. In May 2008, it was learned... More »
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On a larger scale, he's the perfect person. He's been a school teacher, we have the same morals, family is very important to him and Parker means everything to us.

Jaymes Foster [on Clay Aiken]

I believe at this point in my life it's the right time, and I think because it's the right time, I'll hopefully do a good job. If I don't, Clay will be all over me!

Jaymes Foster [on having a child]