Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney
Jason Mesnick pops the question - "will you accept this rose?" - to Molly Malaney on The Bachelor. She had better say yes.

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Buddy...grow up and stop being such a cry baby...Cameras are off and NOW it's time get back to REALITY...the free ride is over...MELISSA you rock you'll find bigger and better and MOLLY your a LOSER if you take him back...


I am so in shock I cant believe what he did to Melissa in my mind he is a scum bag that wanted his cake and eat it too I so loved jason and wanted DeAnna and him together on her show but wooow what he did to Melissa is just down right nasty... SHAME ON HIM.


I would have so much respect for Molly if she said no. Any self respecting person would say sorry buddy you had your chance. I would curious what Ty's mother has to say about Jason???


please,J Keep malisa'

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