Jason Mesnick-Melissa Rycroft Email: Part III
Part three of Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft's email exchange following The Bachelor "After the Final Rose" special that saw her gorgeous behind booted out the door for Molly Malaney.

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I'm so pleased someone mentioned ty's reaction to Molly, I found it so strange for a child to react to her in that way - he totally dissed her! Whereas as with Melissa he woke up calling her name! He was an incredible judge of character, why didn't Jason go with that?


I so agree with Edna. Molly knew that she was losing Jason to Melissa and that's when she turned on the sex like the fake tramp that she is and Jason lost his brains and thought with his glands in the end.
Do you see Molly's face when she first met Ty? She looked at him like something she scraped off her shoe...and Ty he backed away from her and didn't want anything to do with her for quite some time. Children are great judges of character and you watch...this relationship will fail too. Jason should have stuck with his first instincts and they were with Melissa. Molly is a s fake as they come...you watch. Jason made the biggest mistake of his life when he dumped Melissa and he deserves to be hurt more than he hurt Melissa. Can't wait for the worm to turn....


I think jason is a wimp and does not deserve a girl like melissa, Molly is a fake and used a lot of sexual moments to trap him. like any man he was acting on his male ego. i feel sorry for him. Molly will never stay with him. Jason needs to grow up

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