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Jason Mesnick's image has taken a beating in recent days after the stunt he pulled on the season finale. Following his heart or not, it was pretty rough.

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I have been thinking about this for quite some time. Regardless if this was planned and choreographed by producers, or if Jason punked out after the cameras were not rolling, it was a disgusting display of manhood for Jason to do this to Melissa in such a public way. I have never been so disappointed in someone I thought I knew a little about, after watching him through two of these series. I honestly thought that he was a stand up guy. I will never watch this toxic show again, nor The Bachelorette. It's the only way the reality producers can be sent a message. Cheap drama at the expense of another person's self-esteem and pain are unacceptable. I'm DONE!!


To tell you the truth,I HATE JASON AND MOLLY. Melissa, i hope you are doing good and wish you the best of luck!


Jason you are the worlds biggest ASSHOLE!!! You don't deserve either woman. In fact I think it won't take long before you change your mind again. Next you will probably run back to Deanna. If Molly had a brain at all she would have laughed in your pathetic face and told you to go to hell!! You are a terrible roll model for your son and I hope to god his mom teaches him how to respect woman becuase he certainly will never learn it from you.You are a phoney evil selfcentered man who better watch out before some woman decides to teach you a lesson and pull BOBBIT!! lord knows no man would deserve it more than you!!! Rot in hell you BASTARD!!!!! The world hates you!!


ANN DEER you can shut ur mouth because jason called and met melissa's parents so get it stright ok? good


ok nooooooo body like either molly nor jason they are all back-stabing witches and hope that they last at least a week so molly can see his true side a player/!!!1 not cool jason sure did'nt help ur reputation jerkface


I think Jason is super fine and how on earth did he see himself with Melissa, from the beginning I thought Molly was the one! As for him staying with Molly well that is his business! Relationships take time; sometimes they work and sometimes they don't? I give him credit for asking Molly back! Also can anyone of you reading this, swear, you have never thought about another person while you were with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Don't lie? As for doing it on television well when your the public eye, it's all to bad? As for poor Melissa well she's super beautiful and will have no problem meeting another guy! Plus she's young and will get over it! Good Luck Molly and Jason! I love you guys as a couple!


I cannot believe Jason.First of all as a divorced parent, you just don't do that to your child, next of all I can't understand for the life of me why he would do that to Melissa. Really, could you be anymore heartless? You were obviously sneaking around behind Melissa's back and will obviously do it to Molly. I can't wait to see the fallout when you sneak around on Molly. ABC should do a reunion show with Melissa and Molly after Molly gets dumped then lets see if Molly is all smiles and giggles then. Melissa was a true lady who got her heart broken but held her head high. Calling Jason a ba***rd was an understatement. I loved the bachelor and bachelotte and watched every single season starting with Trista and Ryan but will never watch that show again.


Melissa is so much better off finding out the true about Jason, sooner than later. As for Molly-does she have any self respect? She is nothing more than and emotionless robot!! She sounds like she is a programmed robot gone bad. With Molly it always seemed more about winning a game than finding true love. I don't think the green eyed devil has emotions. I hope Jason and Molly are happy with tainted life they have started. Melissa-congratulations on leaving with your head held high!! You deserve the best!


Jason is a loser from the word go. All he wanted was the attention the show gave him and when it ended he found a way to get back in the spotlight. If he was wrong with Deanna and wrong with Melissa, he will find something wrong with Molly. The one i feel sorry for is that sweet little boy. How dare his father put him through all these life changes just for the attention. Molly wise up, where is your family? Mine would be telling me to run, run far and fast from this loser.


Jason is such a liar! He has taken zero responsiblility for his actions and I have zero respect for him! He deserves much more than a stupid cut on his leg for this- that is nowhere near karma! This was all staged and that anyone would knowingly propose to someone just to brek up with them a month later is disgusting! He needs to apologize and be HONEST with Melissa about how this entire thing as planned from the beginning and he needs to apologize to America. His "I followed my heart" crap is just an excuse and I'm tired of hearing him say it like it excuses his ridiculous behavior! I hope he and molly break up soon!