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The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney are totally together after a tumultuous finale. Will they get married or break up like everyone else on the show?

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I only had wish that Jason would have waited after the show. Like Bonnie Hunt said, he should have just talk about what was going on at the time and then breakup afterward. I know, he now wishes thing were different but I think he had a choice, but only God knows. I was so sad when I saw the final rose part 2. BUT THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON ! ! LIFE GOES ON . . .


Melissa is America's sweetheart. She is a stunningly beautiful woman and Jason i a jerk. I hope Melissa wins DWTS and jason ens up with the very inferior Molly


Don't feel too sorry for Melissa, she loves the limelight. This was her second reality show and now she will be on Dancing with the Stars. I wish Jason and Molly all the best.


Do you people not realize that this was all set up for ratings!!! Yes Jason is really in love with Molly but don't you find it odd how it all played out including DeAnna coming back hmm ratings!!! Melissa's parents not on TV hmm obviously they didn't want to be apart of a sick joke!! Anyway people think about it highest ratings in history of the Bachelor how did they ever make that happen ask yourselfs!!!


The only thing that is sad is the fact that a 3 year old boy is in the middle of all this. I feel for Melissa because when you are proposed to it should be very special and hopefully happen once. Unfortunately, Jason took that first moment away from her. I hope he did make the right decision but I find it very ironic that after all this Brad Womack did the right thing. I felt let down after Brad's season and then was thrilled for Deanna. After all this I realized that when in comes to love people mistake lust for the true feeling of love. What Jason needs to teach his son is that love is something you can't take lightly. I hope however this plays out, that little guy is continued to be loved and he will no longer come from a broken home.


He is such a jerk! He is perfect for Molly, they're both selfish, vain, and fake, so yeah they make a perfect couple. Oh, plus...she's a tramp and he's a whore, so there you go... He needs to man up, quit crying like a girl, and face the consequences for what he did. No women should be treadted like that. Jason and molly say you have to follow your heart, well guess what??? you don't just get to do whatever the hell you wanna do in life to please yourself even if it means crapping on other people. As for Melissa goes, she's too much of a lady, because had it been me, i would've not only cussed him out on national television, i would've gave the ring back to the ones that payed for it....ABC ....haha


America needs to see more of Melissa--see how she is doing and watch her find hapiness. She is such a nice and beautiful girl. The new America's Sweetheart!!