Jason Mesnick and Lauren
Lauren belts Jason Mesnick in a fake General Hospital scene. But later she nearly did this in real life as well.

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What an idiot ckt!!!! Melisa was the best choice! His Loss!!!! Her gain!!!We all Love you Melissa. He was a fake !!!and a CRY BABY!!! And used the baby to get all those girls. Jason is no man for you and well he's not a man either! He was not choosen the first time for a reason! You are beautiful and as he said perfect! There is that perfect person out there. And that Molly no class! It want last Molly is not his type! She will leave him!!! He deserves it. Did you see his wife? She did not stay either and he doesn't raise the baby by himself as it was said! What a looser! He lied all the way through. And the overdone acting as the lonely father and with he was his son.! Let me throw up now! I said something stinks when he came on with Deanna. And then as the Bachalor! Fake, liar, wishy washy pansey! And he looks like an elf! And the crying O.M.G.!!!!!Love you !!!! Please don't diappear We want to know how you are!!!!


Why are people have to say mean things to Jason and Molly, they are a perfect match, I didn't like his 1st pick. Good luck to you Jason and Molly. Wish you two lots of happiness & love.

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