Jason Mesnick: America's Most Hated
Jason Mesnick will incur some heat for picking Melissa Rycroft over Molly Malaney, then pulling the ol' switcheroo on The Bachelor.

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hi this is me again you are sooo stupid


hey this is me duh i had to say cause you might be confused i don't know why you would do that to an awsome girl like melissa but whatever your lose cause you got a lot of enemys boy by the way my name is kara nell lisster


when i saw the final finale of bachelor im so happy with both of them...but when jason change his mind i feel so sad...jason is my idol but now his crazy...ur such a bad boy now....its not Mellisa lost its your's ok.....Dem u....all amerecans hate u a lot....i wish that u will not be happy....


First I think folks should not be so quick to judge, it really does not make a difference in our lives.
The lives affected are Jason, Molly and Melissa
and their family and friends. Not us the viewers
or journalists or TV shows, period!
In life there is hurt and it is up to each of us
to deal with it in our own way. I do as many do
feel sad for Mellisa and I wish ABC would have
allowed Jason and Melissa to end things in private.
I wish all concerned to find true happiness and love.

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