Jason and Molly Get Hot and Heavy
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Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney get hot and heavy on The Bachelor. Will she be hot and heavy with him for life, though?

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Molly...Don't EVER forget ...you were dumped first!!! Can you say leftovers???? Obviously you were his second choice or he would have picked you the first time!!!


....on those 6 weeks that he spent time with melissa he found out that there was no chemistry so, instead of leading her on... he called it quits. we should respect his decision. if you all are having a fit, you go register with abc and be the next bachelor so you can see for yourself that it's not that easy...


remember folks that he's the one looking for a partner here so, all that we can do is leave him alone as to who he chooses. he will be the one who will spend his life with whoever he picks so, don't over react.


Jason, you are a class A D.O.G. and Molly, do you have any dignity at all? Are you that needy for a guy that you would suck face with a guy who just dumped a girl on national T.V 10 minutes before you came out? NO CLASS whatsoever...You two deserve each other, and Jason.....Deanna made the right choice even though it didn't work with Jesse. He showed more class during his breakup with Deanna than you ever did during this season show. you are disgusting.


Jason is such a jerk and he can stop with all those big fake tears insix weeks you give up because you don't have all the fancy stuff and have to go back to a normal life with a great girl. Ty didn't even like Molly so you know it wasn't about him i was rooting for jason but he really is a creap


Mesnick is a creep! Molly deserves him. Reality Steve had it right from the get go. ABC, Mesnick and Molly had a conspiracy going, and Melissa was made to look like a fool.
Melissa has class and will do much better on her own, than being stuck with a jerk like Mesnick.