Jason and Melissa on The Bachelor
Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft on The Bachelor. During her hometown date, she reveals that her parents will not be attending. Kind of beat.

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I can not believe him; what a heartless man. I just love Melissa, I know she will find happiness in her life; besides, the guy she's dating now, What a babe; at least he has a real mans body.
As far as Molly, how could she take him back after what he did to her, she's just as bad as Jason, they deserve each other, she must be desperate.
Melissa I have everybody I know voting for you on dancing w/the stars :)


I too felt bad when Deanna did not pick Jason, but what he did to Melissa was sad. But Melissa now is going to be the next Dancing with the Star champ ( you watch ). Like they say, one door closes another door opens. . . But Jason, will get what's coming to him. . .
Melissa have the time of your life girl ! ! !


i felt so bad for jason when he got dumped from deanna, but what he did to melissa is unspeakable what a jerk. molly will just break his heart and i hope that he goes running back to melissa and she says i don't think so.


I cannot believe what he did to Melissa what a JERK. She is a pretty girl I wish her the best I hope shes the next bachelor.


I think that Jason should use his head this time and choose Melissa. She is not only beautiful, but she is sweet and sincere and, by far, will make the best "Mom" for Ty. Molly, on the other hand, is too much into herself and having fun. I think she loves the "limelight" but would not stay in this realation for the "long haul"!!!!

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