Jason and Jillian on The Bachelor
Jason Mesnick and Jillian in British Columbia during her hometown date. This Canadian cutie is a dark horse contender for the Bachelor title!

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I totally agree with Barb^
After I finished watching "after the final rose" I was completely disgusted and so disappointed. I have been watching this show for years and years, and after that episode I told myself and that I was never watching this show again. I mean, come on people... these are real feelings and real hopes that people have when they come on this show. ABC stop playing with their minds and the minds of your audience.
Thanks to Jillian, I'm watching the next season! And because she is such a REAL person, she should have NO PROBLEM finding love.... unless of course... ABC decides to do something about it... again. I really hope that this show works out next season, for Jillian and all of the other guys involved.


I hope Jillian finds her true love and best friend~! She truly is amazing lady~!
She is the most down to earth bachelorette, besides Melissa that I have seen on the bachelor show~!
I am only watching the next bachelorette because of Jillian, as I think what ABC and Jason did to Melissa was disgusting and I vowed that I would never watch the show again~!
Because of Jillian and her honesty.........I will watch the show again~!

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