Janice Dickinson for PETA
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Phew, Janice Dickinson isn't totally naked here. But she is a total moron for focusing her efforts on saving fur.

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Janice Dickinson on the Street

We may be alone in this, but we think Janice Dickinson has had plastic surgery. Do you agree?

Janice Dickinson Face

Janice Dickinson announced in late 2012 that she's engaged. Yes, someone wants to marry this.

Janice Dickinson Photograph

Janice Dickinson formerly work on America's Next Top Model. But she is no longer a fan of the show. Far from it, in fact.

What a Loser

This is how Janice Dickinson rolls. Standing alongside her boyfriend, she saw a camera and simulated oral sex in order to make sure a photograph was taken.

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Denise is a FRAUD. How can the bought and paid media say she bared for peta? She is wearing designer underwear. What a fake. SHe uses male models like meat, and they are too dumb or greedy or both to protest her Conspicuous sexual harassment! In any other circumstance if she was a male agency head (the jury about her gender is still out), she'd have her pants sued off. Janice you suck and you are a sexist fraud bitch! You don't deserve a show....what you deserve is a law suit for sexual harrassment, not to mention bad acting. How dare you feign sincerity about rights for animals!