Janet Jackson and Oprah
Janet Jackson is apparently pissed at Oprah. Well, if you believe this National Enquirer cover anyway.

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ISSUED; janet, being pissed of w/ oprah. well, is to late the INTERVIEW is over. is not for people like my self to judge any one about there issues but, MICHAEL JACKSON, was a interesting human being the greatest. every body wants a piece of the cake and the 'world' loved 'michael'. that much is known god, michael was a humanetareum to planet earth. i read about michael every day if is old news and breaking news. every day for me as a fan i still read and remenber michael. l love him and is for real. michael jackson, the king of kings for ever he was heaven. love to the world that's what michael, wanted to love each other. michael, was rigth life is nothing w/ out l.o.v.e.

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National Enquirer
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