Jamie Mazur
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Jamie Mazur and Alessandra Ambrosio have caught the baby bug. Like seemingly every other young couple in Hollywood, these two are expecting.

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How is he the worst guy in the world if Alessandra stuck for him all these years. If he doesn't have one single good quality on him worthy to be loved by Alessandra for so long, then I don't know what magic he has to glue himself with Alessandra. If he's such a jerk to begin with he wouldn't even be able to have a baby with Alessandra, they wouldn't even do it in the first place. If Alessandra stuck with him for so long, that means he's decent. You people are just jealous of the guy.


So Jamie Mazur is the worst guy in the world just because he impregnated Alessandra? How absurd...this is not even an acceptable argument. Alessandra chose to have a baby and that's that. It's not like Jamie forced it on her. If he did, Alessandra would've just dumped him in the get-go. She's so hot and famous that getting a hot guy falling for her is as easy as lighting a match.


oh ale is stupid! how can she be pregnant while modeling? her career will probably go down. And her boyfriend sucks! hes the worst guy in this whole world
Too bad for her:(


are they gonna get married??
i hope not.. that guy doesnt deserve alessandra..
i just hate him..


i agreee. they will def. have the most beautiful child on the planet. i dunno but i think he's hot.


they are going to have the most beautiful child to have ever walked the earth.


screw you! heidi Klum had 3 kids and she is smokin... i think alessandra will be just fine. and as for britney spear's sister...it has to do with the fact that she is 16 therefore people react a little differently to that especially since she is a star on a show that kids watch. i think you need to have a little more faith. if she really wanted to then she could come back or maybe she would want to be a stay at home mom. whatever she decides is up to her. i for one am very happy for her, she wanted children and now she is going to have one, i wish her luck in raising her child, and if she so chooses, her modelling career.


ow, i hate her boyfriend, and she is too quick too have baby while her modelling career still go up... Waste of time... I don't think she can model again after she has baby. Nobody will pretty like her as usual.. maybe few, but when you're supermodel has a kid, your popularity goes down, just like britney spear's sister.