Jamie Mazur
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Jamie Mazur and Alessandra Ambrosio have caught the baby bug. Like seemingly every other young couple in Hollywood, these two are expecting.

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whats up you guys , is no one allowed to have a life of thier own now adays ?
perhaps your own is so boaring you got nothing better to do than cast comment on other peoples ..
they are having a baby together , let them be happy its not really any ones buisness but thiers!


I dont know. This guy looks dirty and ugly. Alessandra is too gorgeous to him


Hope their baby looks like her!


alessandra is gorgeous and will remain so as she hasn't had any changes in her body.in fact i think no one would ever know she's pregnant if it weren't for her belly.her boyfriend is hot hot hot


omg, she's so hot and her boyfriend looks like a caveman. WTF


bottom line ..models are all so insecure ...i should know i work in the industry and cause of there insecurity ..they always date these losers ...for example look at adriana lima ...another ..dates nothing but losers ....its a fact u losers get out there and ask a model out ....cause they don't trust no bradd pitts...lol


ale is beautiful and she will always be. Im sure they make one the cutest kinds on earth :) Congrats ale.


please, this guy is hot ?
you must be kidding.


First of all Geo, the guy is a douchebag. I am guessing you have never seen the video of him pulling alessandra away from a fan because he didnt want her to take a photo with the fan. Secondly they have been together for MONTHS not years and how do you know that "they share deep love with each other" you dont even know them. Maybe its just me but I certainly would not intentionally get a girl pregnant after MONTHS of dating.


Tell me one thing that this guy lacks. If he lacks something really crucial in his relationship with Alessandra, then why the heck would Alessandra stick with him for all these years. This guy didn't just impregnate her in a one night stand situation. They both share deep love with each other and had been a couple for YEARS. Wake up people, this guy is rocking Alessandra like no body can, and you're just jealous...how sad.