Jake's Mistake
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Jake Pavelka apparently made a huge mistake. Picking Vienna Girardi, we're guessing. It hasn't happened yet but it will. Bank on it.

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Men always want what they cant have.
He will eventually realize Its Ali he needs.


Men always want what they cant have.


Though I haven't kept up with all the episodes...I'm sorry to see Jake pick the wrong girl being V. I truly feel Vienna is too immature for Jake and absolutely agree that Tenley is more a sweetheart. She just doesn't come across as being fake like Vienna. I see Tenley as being a better supporter for Jake, Vienna comes off as a gold digger who needs to find herself and then pursue a HEALTHY relationship whoever that may be with. Whatever the result I wish the best for Jake, he's going to need a lot of prayer.


Made a huge mistake in letting Gia go. She was the most beautiful one physically, and spiritually. Jake if you've picked Vienna? Man you messed up big time, are gullible, and easily fooled. Too bad. Ali, Thank your lucky stars that you left.


honestly, i think Jake's already made a huge mistake and is doomed either way. i cant stand Vienna at all, she's so fake. i wish Jake would see that. But hey, whatever...he's the one who's gotta deal with her. and Tenley is nice and all, but i dont think she's ready for marriage yet. she's always talking about her ex-husband. but that's just my opinion. i think he should've begged Ali to stay or allowed her to come back. they made such a great couple and you could really tell there was something between them. but again, just my opinion. where it stands now, i think he should pick Tenley but he'll probably pick Vienna for some reason. Ugh!


defenitely pick TENLEY, she is such a sweetheart, make a beautiful couple!
vienna is a little spoiled witch!


I definitely think that Jake will pick Vienna even though it will be a mistake of a lifetime. And he will either divorce or spend the rest of his life with a wicked and spoiled person. Tenley is definitely the way to go!!! I LOVE YOU TENLEY!!!! BEST WISHES TO YOU!!! AND YOUR FAM!! I hate Vienna!! love