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Jake Pavelka and Tenley Molzahn on The Bachelor. He is just about to let her down as gently as he can. Which is not very.

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Tenley was a sweet girl until she was not chosen. Did anyone see her on the Ellen Show yesterday? She is making a fool of her self by being the ultimate looser. I thought she had more class than than. I was a Tenley fan as well; however, I could not stand hearing her squeaky voice. I knew it was over for Tenley when she and Jake were on the boat and I was shock when Jake just tuned out. I was like talking to the TV, do something! get back in the game. She was lost. She needs to stop talking about the Ex and get on with her life. Jake is not the man for her, but she will find someone perfect for her. I wish her well.


Tenley was too sweet, she gave me a toothache.

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The Bachelor Season Finale 2010
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