Jake is a Monster
Jake Pavelka is a monster, according to Vienna Girardi. Or at least according to Star Magazine, which features the shocking breakup of the couple on its cover.

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In all honesty no one is perfect and it was inevitable that these two were not going to make it. If you think about it who has really truly made it successfully on any of these shows without some sort of controversey? Thats right only one Trista and Ryan everyone else has either split up or had some controversy or break up make up. You can't even include the previous bachelor because he broke up with first fiance to go to molly. I personally feel that Jake is fake and all the bs about how wonderful and great Vienna is and how she is his soul mate could make me gag.....It was all a show for him and to say she was holding him back from a freaking acting gig is pathetic if your a good actor which clearly he's not then only yourself can hold you back not your significant other. GROW UP JAKE/.

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