Jake and Rozlyn
Jake Pavelka offered Rozlyn Papa a red rose on The Bachelor season premiere. She was later offered a ticket out of town on the second episode.

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yes vienna
it is his first date
and he knows waht he wants
and he loves tobe with vienna
never see her not nice to others
she is young and she will learn


Jake and Vienna are ENGAGED. read about it on Reality Steve.


As usual, the ignorant guy with all of his brains tucked beneath his belt. Wow...he's not much on substance is he? I liked him at first when he was on the bachelorette, but now that we've had to look and listen to him every Monday night for the last half dozen weeks I see what he's really all about. I mean seriously...saying that "he's falling in love with these 4, then 3 women" I wouldn't want a man who thinks that he's actually IN LOVE with three women at ONE TIME!! Ali did the smartest thing...she ditched him, and she'll see that it was the smartest thing one day. All he's caring about is what Vienna is doing to his little one eyed snake, and for those of you who don't see that...there's something wrong with you!!


Jake always says that good guys finish last. wELL HE DID THE SAME THING TO THE GIRLS, HE DID NOT CHOOSE A NICE GIRL. i CANNOT BELIEVE THAT HE CHOSE vIENNA. i AM SO PISSED OFF. aLI SHOULD GIVE HIM A PIECE OF HER MIND. I wish that she did not have to leave she could have been the winner.


I love Vienna!!! I think the show needed a villian and chose her. We have yet to see any footage of Vienna being mean or nasty to the others. If you recall, Ali was the trash talker. Go Jake!


I think if Jake picks Vienna, he gets what he wanted, all looks and no brain, her hair is fake also, lets see her with out make up. this could be why he is on the show, he does not know how to pick the nice girls, or he likes the naughty ones?


I normally don't say much about a bachelor's choices but if Jake picks Vienna that will be the end of The Bachelor as a serious. Jake is such a wonderful guy. Vienna without a doubt is the most immature girl I've ever seen on the show. I know you can't help you fall in love with but come on!

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