In Touch Weeekly Report
In Touch Weeekly has come out with a steamy new report: Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith allegedly had an affair!!!

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I really think there are more important things going on in our country
to worry about,than snookie of Jersey Shores, Jada and Will who are
swingers anyway I'm told and the Kardashians and Basketball wives and
so on, etc. This is what Hollywood is all about and it is sickening.
There are a few exceptions but for the masses they are whores and Jigalows and fornicators etc, etc, just like other people but more so.
We all should have come to expect that these are not content people. It is all a game and a false pretense of happiness. Rich and unhappy.
Worst than the Politicians who are no angels themselves. All Dirt!

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