I'll Take You Back!
That's what Jennifer Aniston told Brad Pitt, according to Star. Anyone believe that for a second?

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It really is up to them,no matter what anyone says,were human we cheat we lie we have kids we make mistakes,and we get cheated on,and we take sides,but nobody can deny there heart what it wants, not for long,brad looks very unhappy I know I've been there,it hurts until you've been there and done that, you can only take sides,brad just because you and angie have kids it does not mean you can't be in there life,your not leaving them your leaving there mother,you don't stay because of the kids,you'll only make it worst trust me been there done that,it's not healthy, your heart is not with angie,brad be true to you,you only live once,good luck.


Well, I'm not sure I agree with you on that either. He broke her heart..lied...cheated..made babies..what else could he possibly do?! It took her a minute to get over him and all the hurt..I don't think she should take him back. Let him suffer and realize that he lost a goo thing.


That was very rude for you to say! Everyone has their faults...its not like it has happened over and over again! Besides Angie is totally not right for him...Jennifer has a lot more class! If you recall Angie cheated on him and Jennifer HASN'T! Im all about them to be together!


what a loser and dumpster jen is? a man dump you in public......front with the woman he dumps you for.....has kids with her......stood by her for years without cheating......and now she dont want him anymore you take him back?????? jen you are the biggest IDIOT in the world and deserved to get cheated on.

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