How Does My Butt Look?
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Heidi Montag poses for a very natural photo in a park. She makes sure the photographer gets the money shot of that booty too. Good form.

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Pink Sweatsuit

Heidi Montag lounges in the park like all of us do - in pink jammies. She looks so cute, and very natural.

Furry Friend

Heidi Montag takes comfort in a furry pal amid her breakup with Spencer Pratt. Sometimes all you need is love from a pet.


Heidi Montag reflects ... by a reflecting pool. So deep. Or shallow.


Heidi Montag takes a minute to reflect on the state of world affairs. Or the breakup from Spencer Pratt that may or may not be a PR stunt.

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Heidi Montag Contemplates Life
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wow I think heidi looks beautiful with or without plastic surgrey


this flakey chic is so fake and such a dimwit that i cant understand why anyone is interested. so much press and none of it based anywhere in reality. i am glad not to see that idiot spencer with his high powered binocluars spying on her from the bushes behind her. \i so hope their split is all a scam and that the end of their careers are almost here. how i hate reality tv stars...cant wait til this particular fad trend is over either.


she was really godlookin but messed hrself up now with all the plastic surgey


The girl is an idiot. Who cares if she split from the moron boyfriend/husband whatever creature he was/is. The whole Laguna Beach/Hills thing is played out. Stick a fucking fork in it.


what booty?