House of Horrors
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Are Paris, Blanket and Prince Michael Jackson living unsupervised in a house of horrors? One would think, given this Globe cover.

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I love you,Blanky!!!!So much!!


dis is fake!!!!!!!!!! obviously dey need michael nd is strugglin 2 cope cause of his death!!!1 house of horrors plz!!!2 thier in good care wit mj's mother katherin so drop it!!!3 im proud of them cause dey workin nd consollin each other kk leave tha jackson's alone it these lies!!!!!!!!!!!! nd dont say tha house is full of horrors cause rumors says michael haunts it!!!!!!!!! + wat violence wepons nd jealousy i don't believe dis hollywood gossip hahaha!!!!


Yellow Journalism. Working overtime to get those kids from the Jacksons for their INHERITANCE. This is all about MONEY. LYING FOR MONEY!!


oh no i think the best thing they can do is try to work it out like in movies when people are trapped in houses of horrow they work it out.


i that they need to work it out but the mom dont give them too her she traded her own kids for money