Hot Close Up
This is an extreme close up of Robert Pattinson. It's also a very handsome image of the actor.

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omg.... Robert,
you really && truely captivated me when i saw Twilight. I was completely mezmorized by your character. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for even a blink! No one in this world could have done a better job than you! You're in tune with "edward cullens", && you definately know how to make a woman go crazy with your dark & mysterious attitude. I swear i would melt if i ever got the chance to meet you in person! you're an amazing actor && even more of an amazing person!
thank you so much for making my every fantasy come true!
keep the dark && mysterious roles coming. I look foward to seeing your next movie! Sincerely,


yeah You tellin me. HOT SHOT!!!


This is a really great picture of him


he is hot and fiiine! check out his eyes their peng

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David Strick
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