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Well, let us clarify: If you find Brooke Hogan hot in general, then you will love this crotch shot. If you don't dig her, you'll find this a bit terrifying and are likely wondering why you clicked on it.

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you both are either stupid or blind brooke looks great and she is sooo sexy fat what you looking at yourself is my geuss hair on the leggs must yourself again i'm geussing haters go else where BROOKE YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS I LOVE YOU


Not just her legs can use work,but is that not long HAIR on those legs?! Look at some of those pics closely!!! (Eewww!!)


What a fat disaster.

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Brooke Hogan Pole Dancing
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Brooke and her Cleavage
Brooke Hogan is the daughter of a very famous wrestler. She has an awful singing voice and maybe even worse taste in fashion. Brooke does... More »
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Brooke Hogan

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I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It's crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best.

Brooke Hogan

I know if I was 48-years-old, I wouldn’t date a 19-year-old. I just don’t feel it’s her. And through all this stuff, I really need my mom, and she’s doing her own thing. I don’t talk to her anymore.

Brooke Hogan