He's Safe!
Casey Abrams expresses major shock in this photo. He can't believe the American Idol judges kept him around.

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casey sucks ewwwwww go scotty


Casey should have gone home the first time he was voted to go.He doesn't have the stamania and strength to keep up the hectic schedules, traveling, and performing. He has already been in hospital once since he has been on American Idol, and maybe anothertime, I read somewhere. I think Casey has a beautiful voice, but if CASEY stays on until the finals, it is my opinion that he is getting alot of sympathy votes and he would be a liability to American Idol, not including their reputation. Look at him CLOSELY when he performs this week, he has lost alot of weight and should consider leaving if he's voted off again. His health comes first, and we haven't heard too much about his family. I would really be concerned about him.Sorry, but eyes don't lie.Just observe him closely and then make up your own mind, everybody has the right of their own opinion.

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