Heroin Addict
Amy Winehouse really needs to get off the smack. By God, if this is how you spend your free time... you gotta get your ass to rehab. We are down for a good time as much as the next guy, but damn... get a grip girl!

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you look hot


she looks very very hot


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Спа�ибо Яндек�у, именно благодар� ему � нашла �тот замечательный форум.
Думаю зде�ь � о�тану�ь надолго.


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ari- calm down. she has a husband she's in love with who's just like her, maybe worse who knows. she dosen't have a chance unless they separate or divorce. all the support in the world won't encourage her. she is not just a heroin addict. she has trouble with many substances. i'm a rehab nurse, you are a success case. amy is a different person with a weak desire for success and a strong desire for her husband. maybe and hopefully something will happen to separate the two so she can get help. her husband isn't exactly the right association for her fragile self. hope it all changes for her before her lifestyle kills her.

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Amy Winehouse is talented British singer and train wreck. This R&B / soul crooner, who's perhaps best known for her songs "Rehab" and... More »
Southgate, London, England
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Amy Jade Winehouse

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Gorgeous as f-ck. You seen him before?

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I want at least five kids. I want twins. Blake is gonna be the most amazing dad.

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