Heidi Pratt Topless
Heidi Pratt gets topless in the new issue of Playboy. Talk about hot! And airbrushed!

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This has to one of the weakest playboy shoots EVER!! Get those hands away from those lucious boobs


Her breasts are way too big for her body now. Her face doesn't even look natural. I think her original nose looks much more attractive. Her first implants looked a lot better on her than these super sized ones.


What a stupid pictorial. I feel bad for anyone who wastes money on this issue of Playboy thinking they will actually see her nude. She's all plastic anyway and they airbrush the crap out of their pics nowadays anyway. Playboy used to pride themselves in all natural ladies, but now I'd rather look at a Hustler mag.


She makes the same face in EVERY PICTURE!


she looks like a scared 12 yr. old child.......how sad and sick is that


what kinda crap is that!!!!! u r in playboy. show something!!!!!!!!!!1 LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


does anybody else get..christina aguilera?

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