Heidi Montag: Us Weekly Cover
Heidi Montag makes the cover of Us Weekly again! Who would have guessed! It's like she's interested in publicity... though in the end, who can blame her. She's already gotten a boob job, what's one more magazine article.

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Too bad all that surgery didn't do anything for her brain!!!!! She's still a retard who's so damn fake and "in love" with that tool of a boyfriend.


Hell, she had to come clean! So obviously fake...going from "flat" to "about to explode" is never natural! Well, now people are picking on her b/c she's talentless, stupid, annoying, a back-stabbing-*itch, publicity-whore, good-for-nothing idiotic little girl who has an even MORE annoying, etc. fake-ass "Fiance" ....this is MUCH better Heidi! Way to go Dumb-A**!!!

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Us Weekly
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