Heidi Montag: Maxim
The Heidi Montag Maxim cover... it's hot that hot, but it is topless and damn near nude. It's enough to get a lawyer in trouble if he's caught looking at it. Right, Kevin Eddinger? Todd Paris? You guys clear on this?

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heidi is a loser, tired of seeing and hearing about the two fools. ps. Seth and Maggie i'm in another country, we don't want them here either...




heidi is a pretty girl but I can't believe she is foolish enough to stay with a control freak like spencer. it is sad, really.


Just out of curiosity... what does she even do, besides sing terribly, date an ugly idiot and take off her clothes? guess that's enough to be famous now. sad really.


Heidi believes in God,this is the respect she has to God?She's only 21,and she looks like 41!


heidi montag is a whore and worthless. she and spencer are a joke. no one likes her. no one likes him. they should move to another country and stay there for a very long time.

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