Heidi Montag Boob Job!
Before and after pictures courtesy of Us Weekly. Heidi Montag's boob job is epic.

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Too bad she didn't opt for a chin reduction. She look like she could break through a frozen sea with that thing!

@ Allnatural

She did have a chin reduction.


she looked better before all the work,its a shame that someone that young felt the need to change themselves so much.she needs to get rid of spencer 2,he is awful.


I'd love to shoot my cum all over her tits and face and then lick it off and spit it in her mouth


her nipples are uneven - hahaha- that is what happens in surgery ewwwww fake boobs are disgusting - they are either like rocks in socks / don't jiggle like real ones do. Whe will girls realize you can have huge ones and men still aren't happy if they are pigs. Why risk a surgery just stay real....

@ jenrick

She's just standing at a bit of an angle you moron.

@ Chloe

Moron idiots she looks fake. And so wax even. Michael Jackson called and said I want my face and Carrer back


From Classy to Trashy....

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Us Weekly
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