Heidi Gets Ready
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Heidi Montag gets ready for some action ... with Spencer Pratt, or with a photographer. Who knows. But hold that pose a little longer, will ya?

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Heidi Montag Almost Topless

Heidi Montag narrowly gave us a topless photo. Wow, it's a good thing she prevented it in the nick of time. No one needs to see that. No one.

Got 'Em!

Heidi Montag clasps her gigantic breasteseses as she's pummeled by waves and captured by a photographer she totally had no clue was watching. Ah, the life of Mrs. Spencer Pratt.

Enormous Fake Boobs

That's what we've got going on here. Even Heidi Montag seems befuddled by the size of those things.

Whoa! Never Saw That Coming!

Heidi Montag pretends her giant fake boobs just fell out of her bikini by accident. Crazy what will happen in the ocean these days.

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