Hef and his Twins
This would be a lot cuter if Hugh Hefner was the grandfather of the Shannon Twins. Instead, he's their lover.

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All the women who are complaining against Hefner's choice , are simply jealous of Crystal , Karissa and kristina and the raison why those fat asses , old grand mamas , those ugly bitches are so jealous , because Crystal , Karissa and Kristina are young , beautiful and there are very open . So you ugly ,old fat bitches go to hell . The first thing you should do before writing any comment , is to look at yourself in a mirror and you will see why Hefner even in his nightmare will not have you in his bed . UGLY JEALOUS FAT ASSES .

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Hugh Hefner Biography

Holly and Hugh
Hugh Henfer is the envy of millions of men around the world. Despite not being close to a spring chicken, the Playboy founder has a... More »
Chicago, Illinois
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Hugh Marston Hefner