Hank IV
Hank Baskett IV is quite the cutie. Please don't mess him up, Kendra Wilkinson.

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they left initially because it was off season, one year contract with the Colts behind him they werent sure if the Colts were going to re-sign him. Hank became a free agent after his year with the Colts. He won't be returning after all because he has been picked up by the Eagles once again on a one year contract...


Great looking family. Why did you guys leave Indiana? We were so proud to have all of you here. I truly had never heard of you untill Hank signed with thew Colts and now we watch your show as often as we can. Good luck and congrats


What a adorable baby. Kendra has finally grown up. The funny thing is that it took the youngest of the three ex Hef;s babes to accomplish that. Way to go Kendra! You have a wonderful new
family and we wish only good things for you!

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Baskett Family Play Date
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