Half Nude Bar Refaeli
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Okay, not really. But still, holy crap she is hot. Damn, you, Leo!

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Bar Refaeli as a Kid

Bar Refaeli as a Kid. What a cutie she was ... and still is!

Bar Refaeli No Makeup

Bar Refaeli is makeup-free and fabulous in this photo. She's on vacation in Thailand.

Bar Picture

Bar Refaeli is a hottie. Even when clothed like she is here.

Bar Refaeli Passionata Photo

Bar Refaeli lookin' hot as can be for Passionata. Mostly hot. And a little weird.

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im chatholic and hate israel i hopr they all die


bar is so hot i would do anything to be with her and do anything my heart desired


Gideon, oops, I mean Ahmed because we know exactly who you are.
Israel is a Democratic country that has Arabs serving in the government and military. It's the only Democracy in the Middle East. The rest of the Islamofacist countries are uncivilized bastions of savagery.
The ony racist, facist and murderers are the Arabs, phony Palestinians, who love to murder Jewish children almsot everyday by blowing them up or cutting off their head. They murder innocent Jews all the time.
The Israelis only kill terrorists who than use children as human shields. Arabs murder their own children and than blame the Jews. Arabs are oure evil and the most racist, sexist, haters in the world.
Bar couldn't care less ablut Arabs. She didn't join the army for purely selfish reasons. She wanted to become rich and famous and screw her famous Gentile boyfriend.
Bar's a whore and Israel doesn't need her.
Now go back into your cave and screw another goat.


I agree with you Gideon. I don't know about her, but I wouldn't serve in Israel. Talk about a country in need of regime change!


She is beautiful because she refused to "serve" in a racist, fascist state police that murders innocent people. She is beautiful because she refuses to allow racism blind her to evil, like most Israelis. G-d will keep her safe. Israel is damned.


She is a spoiled brat that refused to serve in the Military to defend her country, she takes all the benefits and seldom gives back anything but a BS Statement on how she and her Mother are always right. In time, as all Woman whne the bloom is off her body, reality will amke her closet freak afraid to go out in Public because she looks so old. Jevovah has ways in getting back at Woman who think their special and exempt from duties they are required to do in a lifetime. Sh is yesterdays news.